Looking to the (W)hole

This morning as I walked by my kitchen wall, I noticed a hole in it. I asked Peter where it came from, he said, ” The kayakers!” I looked at him funny, because I couldn’t feel the truth in what he was saying. Dakota (8) and Cayden (5) had been pretending they were kayakers with couch cushions and brooms yesterday. I knew it had upset Peter at the time due to the noise and chaos, but I couldn’t see how it would create this little hole in the wall.

Dakota and Cayden came over. I could feel instantly that it was Cayden who had created this. Dakota looked at me, trying to find some way to accept responsibility but she couldn’t figure out how she had done it. I looked at Cayden and he said, ” I did it Mom, but it was by accident.”

I asked, “Well, Cayden, how did this happen?” He said, ” Mom, I was in my soul fixing Dakota’s doll’s high chair with a screw. Then all of a sudden my ego grabbed a hold of my heart and told me to put the screw into the wall.” Cayden took his little fist and made a clutching gesture over his heart. He continued, “I didn’t want to do it, but my ego just took over my heart and then I put the screw in the wall. I’m sorry, Mom.”

I was caught between amazement and the culture. The culture says I should punish him for doing wrong. My amazement comes from his clarity – at 5 years old – of what occurred in his little body-mind. I took this opportunity to learn and to teach.

“Cayden,” I said. “I need to talk to your ego a bit here, sir.” He said, ” ok, mom he is standing right beside me,” as he pointed to his right side. He then took his little fist and hit “his ego” standing beside him. I said,  ”let’s not harm your ego, let’s see what he needs, he must have needed something if he put a hole in the wall.”

Cayden gave him a little kick and I tried again. “Cayden, if we hurt our ego, it will only get stronger,” said Peter. “Oh, ok,” he replied, in his 5 year old knowing. I added, “how about you ask your ego next time what he needs? He probably needs love and/or attention. Maybe he needs a hug from Mommy or Daddy or to have a story read to him.” Again, being his “little man”, Cayden says, ” Oh, ok,” with a little jaunt in his step as he gave me a big hug.

“Now you and Daddy need to fix the hole in the wall, ” I continued. ” If we put holes in things we need to know how to fix them.”

“Let’s do it!!” he says, happy at the prospect of learning some new “guy” thing.

Ahhhh, another emotional disaster converted to a way to grow and prosper! What if instead of annihilating the ego, the ego could be in service to the soul.  And, what if all 5 year olds could feel and experience when they “popped” into their ego, rather than listening to that still small voice inside themselves.   Then the world would be a different place!

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What Balloon Animal Are You?

Have you ever been to a kid’s birthday party or a circus where a magician or clown is creating balloon animals?  He takes a long balloon in a variety of colors, blows it up and then twists it this way, that way and all around.  Then pops out a magic marker, draws a few whiskers and eyes.  Voila!  He has made a poodle, motorcycle, rabbit, parrot, etc.

Why am I talking about balloon animals? Well, that’s always how I feel when I return from one of Donny’s programs.  Each time he helps make me into a balloon animal that more closely resembles my soul – my essence.

Having just returned from Donny Epstein’s Ultimatum, I am wondering – what balloon animal am I?  Maybe an Eagle flying high above my life – seeing the bigger picture or maybe a Sacred White Buffalo easing myself into my true self with mysticism and magic!  What balloon animal are you?  Which one would you like to be?

As Gioia, our seventeen year old prepares for her first Donny Epstein Premiere Program next Weekend – The AWE – Awakening with Epstein, she woke up this morning quaking in her boots!  “ What if I am radically different after the program?  What if I am NOT?”  Her mind had a hold of her and was running her in circles.

I began talking to her about balloon animals and how it always felt like Donny just expanded my energy system and re-organized it so I could see more of who I am.  It feels like he is a sacred magician showing me truth in my body-mind so it can unwind and express the most beautiful part of me – the truth – the divine order of who I am.  Being quite an expressive person, I was dancing all around the kitchen creating balloon animals in the air with my hand – poof:  there’s a duck!  poof: there’s a poodle!  poof: there’s a cockatiel!

Finally, I had her laughing so hard her mind could no longer comprehend fear!  She happily marched downstairs to begin her homework for the weekend with pictures of balloon animals dancing above her head!

What balloon animal are you?  And, maybe more importantly what balloon animal would you like to be?  What would happen if you played that part today?  Picture this:  How amazing it would look -  all of us being balloon animals of our choice making the world laugh and play!!   LET”S DO THAT TODAY!!


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The Unfolding

Just two weeks out from our Ultimatum experience and so much has happened! Have we sold our house and headed for a year long cruise on the ocean, no! But we walked back into our lives and said, ” What did we create?.” We had the truest recognition the first few days back that we were doing someone else’s life. Everything was scheduled out moment by moment, back to back with no room to breathe or feel.

The only place I felt ok was in Peter’s arms or with my feet on the grass in my backyard. Finally, on the fifth or sixth day of having this contrast of who I had been and who I am now whack me in the face, I ran outside for the 900th time and screamed, ” I can’t do this life anymore. Who created this? ” In that moment it dawned on me. I started to laugh so hard I cried! I created this. A different version of me than who I had come back as. A version where everyone else’s needs were so much more important than mine. I would even curb my physiological needs to go to the bathroom so I could answer my five year old son’s questions or run interference between my daughter and son. Whew! Enough of this!

I knew right then, I couldn’t take it any longer. I needed to make change NOW. I was trying (we always know we are in trouble when we are “trying”) to make change at a pace that wouldn’t disturb the structure that had been set up. Then I realized, it is that exact structure that has felt like my soul has been dying for the last 2 years.

I finally took a deep breath. I am the change I want to be in the world. I called and cancelled or moved the appointments of the day and began to change my structure.

First, I took my beautiful master bedroom and turned it into a bio-energetic building room. Peter and I knew we needed a space that we could wake up in the morning and have our morning ritual – pray, meditate, work-out and get ready for the day without waking the kids or running about the house. It was amazing, but having to go down two flights of stairs to work out in the mornings seemed overwhelming to me. So, we put all of the tools we needed to take care of ourselves in our master bedroom and made a second bedroom into our passion-filled sleeping room. Then we did something unthinkable in our life prior to the Ultimatum. We Locked the door!

Now that may not seem like such a big deal to most people. But my idea of raising our children was that we were a community and we all shared everything. Though that may have some lofty ideal in it, what resulted was five years of Peter and I always looking for some level of constancy and safety because nothing was ever where we had last put it.
For someone who likes structure, this was maddening!. I realized at the Ultimatum that if I put constancy in one room of my house so Peter and I knew where our prayer books were, where our music was, and that things wouldn’t be re-arranged on our desk top computer each time we came home, that would fulfill our need for constancy. The freeing part of this, is that we then would want more novelty! Woo Hoo!

Within 3 hours of locking the door, we were tested. Peter and I had gone to work and I get a telephone call from Dakota. “Mom, where are the keys to your bedroom, I want to take a shower and I need the shampoo to wash my hair.” I just smiled, well aware of how in the past I would succumb, but I sweetly said, ” Dakota my love, there are four more bathrooms in our house, three of which have a shower and Gioia has shampoo. Use another bathroom! ” You have to understand that I have allowed our children to take over our master bathroom since we moved in. Up until now, I was lucky to get to brush my teeth at my sink without having one of them push me out of the way to “spit first”. I love my children! However, I had let my “community mindedness” go way too far!

It took me almost a week to get the courage up to actually use the room, but this morning I walked in at 6:30 am and in my night gown ( because I had to get over the barrier of needing to get all the right work-out clothes on), I walked on my treadmill, played my Ultimatum song list – including MaDonna’s “Like a Prayer” – and did yoga! I felt energized, happy, ready for the day and I KNEW WHERE EVERYTHING WAS – my Survivor was fulfilled – I had constancy! Now I am fueled and ready for the adventure of the day!!

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The First Steps in a Journey of a Lifetime

“Ultimatum – A Journey of a Life Time” is a premiere program by cultural creative Donald Epstein. My husband Peter and I have been following Donny’s work for years. We recently attended his Ultimatum program in Como, Italy. A week of workshops, body, mind, spirit work and learning how to “do” your life as as your soul wants you to – not as you were conditioned or expected to be. It’s about who you are in your higher forms of your self. It’s a trip!

Over the next few days – weeks, I will be talking about all the changes occurring in our bodies, our lives, our family, friends and Network Chiropractic practice.

Though you may think this is only about us, it really is about all of humanity! How we all can change to become more of the person we were really meant to be! How we can live a life of grace. How we no longer need to live in a state of fears, anger, and mistrust – How can we be true to our “real” self. The one who knows – that still small voice inside of us that many call God or the eternal soul.

What would it be like to know that part of yourself? To have those peak God experiences daily. To walk that way in life. To walk as a prayer. It has been an unfolding for me over the past 10 years of learning how to dance with my soul in a way I remember as a child. Then whether it was the age of reason that came in or the circumstances in my life, I shut down.

I have spent the last 13 years opening back up through Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration. Coming to this point, this precipice that the call within me is so strong – I had to attend the Ultimatum to see and experience what was deeper within me. What my soul is calling me to do and be now! Whew!! It’s big!!

My friend Jane described it the best, “It’s like you get to meet who you are in your soul and be that person for a week. Then you come back into your life and see/experience all the incongruency of who you have been. And, the change comes! ” It may be painful or blissful, sometimes it is everything in every moment. But you keep moving forward, keep looking back and seeing/experiencing who you truly are!

I invite you to go on this journey with me! As I blog about the changes occurring as a result of this transformational, awakening program! Benissimo! Welcome!!

For More information on Donny Epstein’s Programs:


For More information on Amy Jackson: www.jacksonfiskonline.com

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Make Believe becomes Real!

Driving down the road the other day, Dakota pipes up from the back seat,  ”Hey Momma, I have an idea!  Let’s go to Ace Hardware and buy all the pretty keys we like – then we can turn them into your house and office keys.”  I thought about how wonderfully colorful my keychain would look with the multitude of embellished keys my children would pick out.  I would have batman and roses, scooby-doo and Hannah Montana all on my key chain.  Though the idea sounded kind of fun, just for the sheer absurdity of having each one of my keys a colorful reminder of my kids desires, I realized I didn’t want to spend money on that.

Then my task was to tell Dakota that I didn’t want to do that without creating lack or limitation.  I could just say, ” No, that would be a waste of money.”  But, that would just shut down her creativity and put a feeling of lack into our family.  So, after thinking about it for a moment and wanting to teach her about prosperity.  I remembered the wonderful practice of creating abundance through the $100 bill game.  I said,  ”Dakota, we could do that today but each key costs $4 and if we buy 5 keys that’s $20, I would like to spend my $20 on something else today.  Let’s pretend we are window shopping.  What else can we buy with our $20 today?”

Dakota says, ” A shirt, a pair of earrings & a book.”  I return with, “a bouquet of flowers, a pair of flip flops and a pedicure!” The game continues with us thinking up lots of fun things – “a trip to the zoo, a starbucks card for Daddy, a soccer ball.”  All of sudden, Cayden who has been napping in the back says, “I want a batmobile!”  We all crack up laughing!!

In Esther Hicks book, “Ask and it is Given”,  Abraham talks about the $100 bill game, where you put a crisp $100 bill in your purse and you go window shop.  Saying, “I can spend my $100 on this, and this and that.”  The goal of the game is to FEEL the abundance in  your body and spend the money over and over.  It’s with this feeling of abundance that you re-train your subconscious programming of lack and limitation with one of abundance.  Your central nervous system doesn’t know the difference between, the feelings of make believe and it really happening.  So you retrain your nervous system to start calling in the abundance.

And so it is!   A couple of days later, we open the mail box and there are 3 cards for the kids – each one with a crisp $20 bill.

I love it when the universe reminds me how it works!!

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A Retreat for Your Body, Mind & Spirit!

Kona Coast

Every once in awhile we hear something or see something that we just KNOW is for us. That is exactly what happened when Kathryn and Joseph Mina asked us to co-facilitate their Inner and Outer Journey Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii August 9th – 16th. I have been praying for almost two years to take a trip to Hawaii with my husband, (who has never been there….) and I had gotten information from the divine that we needed to be doing week-long intensive retreats to help people transform their body/minds and awaken to their spiritual selves. Imagine my great pleasure when these two pieces of my life came together in a divine moment when Kathryn first asked us!!

So, here it is! A fantastic opportunity for 14 fabulous people to join us on the big Island of Hawaii to swim with the dolphins, visit sacred sites and deepen your connection to yourself, your creativity and spirit through Network Spinal Analysis, Somato-Respiratory Integration, Cognitive Re-structuring and Intuitive Healing!

We are so excited! You know that God has a hand in the plan when everything flows with grace and ease! Check out the following link to see if you are called to attend! We welcome you with open arms!



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Angels without Wings…

Not too long ago, I was standing at a Network Spinal Analysis clinical seminar, feeling graced that I do this work on the planet, when a very dear friend came up to me and said, “ I am going to Brazil to see John of God, I feel I need to take a picture of you with a prayer on the back.”  I was floored and excited!  I had heard of John of God and even have a pendulum that one of my past clients had brought back from there, but I felt this rush of love come over me as my friend suggested this.

I thought about it for weeks.  “Which picture should I send?”  “Should it be the whole family, or just me.”  “What would the prayer say?”  Finally, I asked Peter to print out a picture of me and one of the family.  I knew I would know when the time was right.

During this time, I had been going through a healing crisis of my own and had been unable to see for 3 to 4 weeks.  Though it was nice to be chauffeured around by my husband and father, it was very difficult to be in the world without my vision.  We don’t realize how important it is until we don’t have it for a little while.

My friends and colleagues kept telling me that I was learning a new way to “see”.  I had felt the same thing, though I was a bit frustrated with the process.  Often saying, “Ok, God, could I just get the lesson and get my sight back?!!”  Then a very dear friend of mine from California (Thank You,  John G.) said, “ Amy, you just need to see with your intuition now – it’s that internal vision that leads you.”  Suddenly, like a light bulb I realized this was so true.  From then on, I could “feel” where people were in a room or what was happening with my children, without “seeing” through my eyes.

Once I learned this skill and sunk into this option of “seeing”, I relaxed and my vision did improve – both my “spiritual vision” and my physical vision.  During this time, I made a decision to send the picture of myself to John of God since I was in need of some physical (or so I thought) healing.

My friend took the picture to John of God and while she was there, my husband received a phone call from his sister Sarah, saying, “ My friend is going to John of God and I want to send with her a prayer request for the whole family, I need all their birthdates.”

I laughed so hard!  I guess God wanted us all there at the same time!! It just goes to show that we are always watched out for!  I have started saying this statement from Florence Scovel Shinn,  “What God has not planted will be uprooted & his Divine Plan shall prevail!”

It gives me a greater peace of mind knowing that even if I don’t always read the signals right, some angel will come along and re-align me on my path!!

For a little reminder download Austins Bridge song – Angels on their “Times Like These” Album – it helps me when I get a little too bogged down in the details of life and helps me look for my “Angel of the Day!”


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Dreaming in Technicolor…


It’s amazing how God gets our attention in ways that we least expect it! Monday night I dreamt that I was at a self service chocolate shake shop (don’t know any of those around here…) and a nun in a blue grey habit came up to my husband and I.  She handed Peter a large leaf that had a recipe written on the back of it.  The recipe was in Italian and it was for a “special Chili”. (I happen to love chili – but Peter doesn’t so I stopped making it when we got together!) The nun then turned and started speaking to me in Italian.  I don’t speak Italian, but in my dream I understood what she was telling me.  She told me I was a “Bella Donna”, beautiful woman and that Peter needed to make this special Chili for me.  She asked me if I understood and I said “yes”.  Then she raised her hand to my forehead and imprinted the word, “Caeli” on it.

I immediately woke up and remembered that word, actually, I saw it in front of my eyes.  I then went back to sleep, but every time I woke up I saw the word again.  When I awoke in the morning, I asked my husband, “What does the word, Caeli mean?”  Puzzled, he asked why and I told him the dream.  He smiled and said, “Caeli means – “From Heaven” in Italian and comes from a latin derivative.”

It was at that moment, I knew it was going to be a big day.  I had a ticket to go see Braco that morning. (Check out bracoamerica.com for more information.)  He is a croatian who has the gift of healing.  He stands in front of a crowd of 1500 people for 8 minutes and miracles happen!  I just had to see for myself.

Not knowing if I would be fit to drive the hour back home, I loaded Dakota and Cayden in the car with me and asked my Dad to drive.  They would stay outside at a park while I went into the session.  When I arrived, the Westin hotel in Westminister was humming! There was already a line to the lobby waiting to get into the large ballroom.  I got into line behind a beautiful woman who had a cooler with her and a large piece of construction paper with pictures pasted all over it.  I asked her if she had seen Braco before, she said only on YouTube  She explained that she had a ticket to go to every session all day long and that she was told by a friend to bring pictures of loved ones because they could receive healings too.

I quickly looked in my backpack to see if I had any pictures in my pocketbook of my kids. Of course,  I had changed purses to fit a water bottle and left out the pictures.  I just said a mental prayer for Braco to send healing to all the pictures of people in my iPhone and moved on.

I saw some of my patients there and a few other healers I know.  I walked into the largest ballroom – where I had been so many times for Transformational Gates and  smiled at how this room already had really good juju from all of the Network Spinal Analysis Retreats that were held there!

I was ushered to a seat at the edge of the room and suddenly realized that my Angels were really with me.  I was sitting right in front of the door that Braco would most likely come through.  I giggled and said a quick – thank you! for my guides setting this up so nicely.

As Braco got near the other side of the door, I could feel his presence.  I could feel the rush of energy go up my spine.  I slipped my shoes off and dug my feet into the carpet to stay grounded.  The door opened and Braco walked in right in front of me! I was bowled over by the intense amount of humility that came into the room.  The love and healing energy was palpable as he walked to the stage, but I could not get over the humility and peace this man exuded!  As he started to gaze out at the crowd – really this is all he does – the room lit up!  As his gaze spanned the room toward me I found my hands coming up from my sides to receive this love and I felt the waves of energy coursing through my spine!  Those of you who know the somato-psychic wave of Network – it was a complete wave of bliss over and over. Tears were running down my cheeks and I began bringing patients, friends and family members into my mind’s eye for healings.  Then Braco stepped away and left the room – still in silence – in the greatest state of reverence and humility that I had never experienced from a man before.

I knew in that moment, this man, this opportunity- to feel this much radiance was “Caeli – from heaven!”

I immediately went out and bought a ticket for my husband for that night and my Dad the next day.  I knew I needed to sit and soak in what had just happened before re-entering as “mommy.”  I could feel the energy still coursing up my spine and down through my palms, as I so often do when I am in sacred sites or putting my hands on people to heal.

I sat down in the lobby next to this amazing couple Chev and Diane.  Chev was in a wheel-chair due to a demyelination disease and his wife Diane was so beautifully looking after him.  They made a great team!  I just watched them communicate and spoke with them about the work that I do, suggesting they go to a practitioner near them in Boulder, but they said, “Ohh, we come to Fort Collins, we would make an appointment with you.”  I knew God had set me there for a reason.

I also knew in that moment that I needed to give my gifts more, that there is a greater balance to be had between mothering and healing & that my time would come.  I knew that this ALL was “from Heaven” and I need not fret but just listen to that “still, small voice inside me” that my Dad had introduced me to so long ago and it would always lead me back to God.

And luckily, that beautiful peace and knowing stayed with me, even through my 3 year old son screaming at the top of his lungs for the DVD Diego for the next 20 minutes as we searched for the nearest Smash Burger and headed home. Who is it that wrote, “After the ecstasy, the laundry?”  No more mountain tops, we are called to be mystics in the real world….pass the ketchup, please!


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Let God Juggle the Situation…

Over spring break my husband and I took our children to Miami, Florida to visit their Grandparents.  As for most people, it’s a blessing and a great opportunity to practice my forgiveness skills when I visit family…

Having lived in Miami for quite a few years prior to chiropractic school, there are some things I absolutely love…watching the beautiful people on Lincoln Road, swimming in the warm ocean water and Cuban Coffee!

Now, if you are an expresso lover (as I am) you have not lived until you have tried Cuban Coffee.  They sell it in little tiny cups because it is so sweet and so strong.  The first day we hit Miami beach I told my husband, “before we leave, I have to have one Cuban Coffee!”  I had been off caffeine for almost two months!  He just smiled and said, “it shall be done!”  I love that about him!!

Then we got busy with the cousins and Grandma & Papa Matt, so my Cuban Coffee got lost in the shuffle until the night before we were returning to Colorado.  As we were crossing the bridge from Miami Beach to Biscayne Blvd, I saw a sign “The Best Cuban Coffee Here!”  I remembered again, “Oh yeah!  I just have to have one shot of Cuban Coffee before I leave.”

We got up the next morning and all the kids were sad about leaving.  They decided we should just stay in Grandma’s backyard all morning and swim in her beautiful pool and backyard paradise.  I surrendered, knowing it was going to be long day because my husband, Peter had flown back a few days ago.  I was the solo parent on the flight back with a 3 year old, 6 year old and 15 year old.  I figured it was best to just relax until we had to get to the airport.

I finished packing and the kids headed out to the pool to get a few hours of fun in.  I grabbed my towel and started to the back with them.  Surrendering one more time to the regular coffee I had in my cup instead of my desired Cuban Coffee.

As I reached the pool there were three men in Miami-Dade Water District shirts digging near the pool.  “Good morning, Ma’am,” they said.  “ We need to move your water meter, we can’t read it where it is.”  I said ok, certain my mother knew about this and started to get the kids situated.  One of the supervisers said, “Ma’am, come look at this”, mistaking me for the owner of the house ( I still shudder at the word  “ma’am” – feeling like the grandma & remembering when I was young enough to be a “miss’.)   He showed me where the palm tree had broken the pipe to my mother’s waterfall and suggested I should get it fixed.

I thanked him and climbed out from the over-grown foliage just as another Water District worker showed up.  I took one look at him and said, “ Is that Cuban Coffee you have there?”  He was carrying a cup of cuban coffee with 5 or 6 little plastic shot glasses to share.

He said, “Why yes ma’am, would you like some?”  It was everything I could do not to dance a little jig!  “I would love some!” I answered enthusiastically.

This nice cuban gentleman poured me a little cup of my coveted cuban coffee and says, “ This coffee is compliments of the Miami-Dade Water District, Ma’am” with a flourishing bow.

I thanked him profusely as I went back for seconds and chuckled to myself.  Who would have thought that when I surrendered my desire for a Cuban Coffee, God would have a supervisor of the Miami-Dade Water District deliver it to my back yard!  Now that’s living in the flow of God’s grace.  As Florence Scovel Shinn says, “Every day we get to decide to live in Faith or Fear.  We can choose to live under the law of Karma (good & bad)  or Grace (there is no disappointment only great surprises)!  I choose Faith and Grace every day!!!

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Frogs to Princes – Part 2

Dakota, Gioia and I like to read my blog together. So, we marched downstairs to our home office and read Frogs to Princes. I wasnʼt sure what Gioiaʼs reaction would be, but she was glad to finally be the centerpiece for one of my stories. Then she said, “ And that boy didnʼt even know he was going to be famous!!”

That just cracked me up! I asked her how it was going at school and she said her entire outlook has changed. Gioia gushed, “ It is so much easier to walk up and down the halls now.” “What does that mean,” I asked? She said, “ before I was searching, looking for that boyfriend, now I donʼt have to search anymore. I just know I will feel it when itʼs time!” Now that is mystic mothering! I donʼt know about you, but I spent so much time searching for my prince and getting the frogs. But it is true, once I stopped searching for “Mr. Right”, my prince landed right in front of me!

I had just gotten out of a really painful relationship when my “master mind” group decided they were going to one of Donny Epsteinʼs “Healing in Paradise” programs on a small island off of Italy. I told them to have fun!! They convinced me I should go. As I left for Italy I set the intention — by the time I was complete with that trip I would have “clarity”. I thought it was clarity on where I was going to practice Network Spinal Analysis ( Chiropractic) and whom I would practice with.

As I arrived on the amazingly beautiful Island of Formica, I realized I knew some of the folks attending from Network Spinal Analysis Seminars and there were other Network Doctors there, but I had no idea what I was signing up for and even less of an idea what the outcome would be. Naivete saved me on this one. Looking back, I would do it all over again, but in the middle I thought I had lost my mind ( oh, I had – my heart and spirit were now guiding me!)

I had never done a “healing retreat” before. When Charley Thweat (www.angelmusic.com) asked us all to stand on a labrinynth, face each other and sing, I was mortified! I had to hold hands, look into another personʼs eyes and SING, then hug and move onto the next person? You had to be kidding!! But, I did it!

The first person helped me relax – I still didnʼt like hearing my singing voice (but thatʼs another story), but I made it half way around the circle – singing – “You are an angel” into the eyes of complete strangers! Then I held out my hands to Peter. I sang into his eyes and felt this strange stirring in all of my cells. I was mesmerized by the depth of his soul dancing in his blue green eyes and the deep knowing that moved through me like waves on the ocean. We hugged and the song began to play again, but we didnʼt move. Our bodies and souls connected. It felt like our DNA were entwining together. I just thought – “I am not moving until he does…” The singing exercise completed – We stayed in our hug- twenty minutes, an hour, some say even an hour and a half, before we stepped away from each other. In that moment I knew I had truly felt unconditional love for the first time in my life! I had just met my soul mate!

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